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COPA State of Digital Seminar -
How to Sell Ads in the Digital Age

The COPAs has released its State of Digital Ad Seminar panel that is scheduled for Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at the Eglinton Grand in Toronto from 4-6pm as part of the 10th Anniversary COPA Awards event. This will provide tips for your ad sales teams for the digital age with speakers from the Ad tech world, Chris Sharpe, Sales Direcor at Oath (Yahoo/HuffPost), Consumer magazine publishing, Kevin Bartus, CEO of Ideon Media (Savvy Mom, Baby Post), Fawn Annan, President of IT World Canada for Business to Business media and Josh Merchant, SVP at Post Media for the 24/7 news peprspective. Tickets can be bought for $50 for the seminar. Buy Tickets at this link

10th Annual COPA Awards Party
State of Digital Seminar

Finalists to Be Announced Monday. Sept 17, Noon EST

The COPAs after 10 years has become the badge of honour in the Canadian publishing industry for excellence in online content.
This year’s 10th Anniversary COPA Party will be more of a red carpet affair and will be held at the historic Eglinton Grand in Toronto. We hope to bring a little bit of Hollywood” sizzle to this year’s party. The State of Digital seminar will explore the ad sales side of the equation this year as sponsored content is growing in momentum, the effectiveness or lack of web display advertising and the impact of social media in the marketing mix.

Date: Wednesday, Nov. 14
State of Digital Seminar: 4-6 pm EST
COPA Cocktail reception – 6-7:30pm (buffet food, cash bar)
COPA Awards Event – 7:30-10pm
Place: Eglinton Grand Theatre

State of Digital Seminar Overview
How to compete with the Digital Titans
The digital publishing industry faces an uncertain future with the dominance of Google and Facebook and not just on the paid adverting side of the publisher’s equation. With web display advertising rates in the ad networks hovering around $1-$2 CPM, how can publishers compete and stay profitable. The next part of the equation is the disruptive impact of social media that lets advertisers talk directly to their customers bypassing the media middleman. Brands like Smirnoff have over 9 million Facebook followers worldwide. The seminar will look at ad sales solutions from multiple viewpoints for both the consumer and B2B publishers perspective.

Moderator: Martin Seto, COPA Producer

Panelist: TBA



The COPAs is now celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year and has become the badge of honour for premium content in the digital world and we are now starting with the Call for Judges. If you have 10 years experience in marketing, journalism, media, web tech or publishing you are a candidate. Click here to submit your name.


May 1 - Release of 2018 Categories
May 14 - Call for Entries
June 15 - Early Bird Deadline
July 13 - Entry Deadline

Sponsors are welcome please contact Martin Seto 416-907-6562 or

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